Genome-Wide Bisulfite Sequencing Analyser Software

Genome Bisulfite Sequencing Analyser (GBSA) is an academical and open-source software (GPL) capable of analyzing whole-genome bisulfite sequencing data. More

GBSA v3 is coming soon: Optimized version with new features... Stay tuned!

GUI version

GBSA GUI version is the standalone program and does not require any library or Python interpreter. Version 2.0 is available: Windows Vista/7; Source code.

Script version

GBSA version release is the Python source code. As all Python programs it can be run on all platform with a Python engine. GBSA version 2.0 script Requirements: Python 2.7 and above; pylab library; numpy library; interval library. A detailed installation guide has been posted here. Thanks to the NGS Surfer’s Wiki community!  

Genome Annotations

Currently, pre-compiled gene annotation tables with genome sequences are available for the following genomes assembly: Human – hg19; Human – hg18; Mouse – mm10; Mouse – mm9; Zebrafish – danRer6; Arabidopsis – TAIR10; Build your own genome database.

GBSA - Genome Bisulfite Sequencing Analyser - 2011-2013
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